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Below are explanations regarding the types of information collected, what is done with it, and how to correct or change the information. As part of the i Fanz Member registration process, the prospective member is asked to provide an email address and interest category selections.The prospective member, at their option, may voluntarily provide additional information, including personal, geographic and demographic information.The Or operator is more than happy with a single True value.

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Your privacy on the Internet is important to i Fanz.

As part of the operation of i, certain pieces of information are gathered about i Fanz Members.

Obviously we never use booleans to perform calculations because of their limited range. In Grasshopper, booleans can be used in several ways.

The boolean parameter is a container for one or multiple boolean values, while the Boolean Toggle allows you to quickly change between single true and false values as inputs.

Numeric variables can store a whole range of different numbers.


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