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Chicago Aurora & Elgin 50th Anniversary of the suspension of Passenger Service Tuesday, July 3, 2007 marks the 50th anniversary since the suspension of passenger service on the Chicago, Aurora, and Elgin.Although passenger service was only suspended on this date, this was the last time public passenger trains operated on the line.

It was also customary after this for the candidate for baptism to make an explicit promise of obedience to Christ.

This was called by the Greeks syntassesthai Christo , the giving of oneself over to the control of Christ. Justin Martyr testifies that baptism was only administered by those who, together with their profession of faith, made a promise or vow that they would live in conformity with the Christian code.

Tertullian, in his "De Coronâ", appears to hint at a twofold renunciation as common in his time, one which was made at the moment of baptism and another made sometime before, and publicly in the church, in the presence of the bishop.

The form of this renunciation a found in the Apostolic Constitutions (VIII, 4) has a quaint interest.

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