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In October 2007, the first mobilizations against trans pathologization took place in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris.

In the following we are presenting the network, the beginnings of the campaign and TGEU’s call for action/support and document all groups, networks and individuals that join the campaign this year.

The Network and its beginnings The actual campaign and its manifest The TGEU call for action/support Supporters and participants 2009 Map showing the worldwide campaign Groups, which support the campaign Cities, in which demonstrations or manifestations etc.

The groups who started the campaign accorded five demands and a joint manifesto.

PDF Demands click here PDF Manifesto click here Each group and/or city that wants to realize an action on October 17for Stop Trans Pathologization – Goal 2012, can redact their own local manifesto.

Thamar Klein (Cologne) Anja Kofbinger (Member of Berlin Parliament) Juliette Valentin Emerson (Berlin) Portugal Claudia Belchior (Lisbon) Spanish State (Spain) Adriana Morales (Barcelona) Astr*d Suess (Granada) Diana Junyent Torres aka Pornoterrorista (Barcelona) Dr.


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    Rund 20 deutsche Singlebörsen verzeichnen monatlich mehr als 100.000 aktive Mitglieder, wobei es bei den Anbietern starke regionale Schwerpunkte gibt.

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