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Use the Internet scheduler to choose when you would like to block Internet access.

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Select a weight that is 20-40 percent of your 1RM—seriously! Our recommendation for the ideal BFR workout to optimizing growth is 4 sets with reps of 30, 15, 15, and 15, with only 30 seconds rest between sets. It is essential that you wrap directly around in a circular manner on a narrow area, such as the narrowest part of the upper arm.

Wrapping in a wider area puts you at risk for occluding the arteries.

Browse Control is an easy to use Internet Control software that restricts Internet access and enforces web usage policies across your network.

Take control of your network’s Internet access by using Browse Control Web Filter to enforce different Internet restriction policies on a computer or user basis.

That's important to remember, so take a second to let it settle in.


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    The electronics, computers and communications industries, power engineering and much of the chemical industry of today were founded on discoveries made possible by the battery.

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