Sex dating from web browser on cell phone

This makes safe surfing and parental control in Trend Micro’s an interesting venture.To set up and account you should have a valid email account.Meanwhile, the fine-tuned browser comprises of filters that will help you block different types of sites.

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Just like “Parental Flux”, you can block sites on your phone through “Safe Browser”.

As suggested by its name, “Safe browser” will make sure inappropriate content is not downloaded to your cell phone.

Unlike many other security apps, Trend Micro’s has a comprehensive interface and simple options that can be accessed in few split seconds.

In the main page (menu), you should navigate to “Safe Surfing”.

Once you provide legit details, you will be able to create an account and make use of Trend Micro Apps enticing features. This is because you need the password every time you intend to make a change.