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A general mapping service doesn't know your customers' needs and thus can't draw the map that will bring in the most customers.Of course, if you're a small company, borrowing features from an outside service can help you add functionality to your site.

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The reasons communities work better on intranets also explains why they're often less useful on the open Internet: Realistically, most business tasks are too boring to support community features.

The fact that the city Sanitation Department will pick up Christmas trees sometime after December 25 isn't likely to inspire a longing to discuss shared experiences on the department's site.

And stick fewer gadgets on each page : these days, slow response times are often caused by too many complex, dynamic design elements that eat up server time.

As illustrated in a sidebar, an AJAX feature can work well on a website.

It's deadly for e-commerce sites when users can't operate the shopping cart, so it's usually best to stick to simple shopping-cart designs that everybody understands.